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1978 concert recording?

I posted a while ago asking if anyone had any information about a Pete Seeger/Arlo Guthrie concert recording, but I didn't have much info to go on at the time. I'm still looking for it, and now I know a little more. The concert was performed in August 1978 at Wolf Trap Park in Vienna, VA. It was broadcast on PBS. There are a few clips from this concert up on YouTube, but I can't find any information anywhere about how to go about obtaining a recorded version (either audio or video). Does anyone have any ideas? If you have it and are willing to make me a copy, I will kiss your stinky feet and send you a check to cover the recording materials, shipping, and your time, or donate a certain amount to the charity of your choice. Please, I need this!
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i'm hoping that maybe some of you can lead me in the right direction for a paper i'm working on. i've been assigned to do a paper on crime cases in new york city from 1850-present, and how they have served as vehicles for discussion of serious issues that had previously been left undiscussed. i'm attempting to do the project using 20th century folk songs (hopefully from the 1960s/1950s NYC folk scene) which were influenced by particular crimes (i.e. cases dealing with racism, communism, anything), and raised awareness of the issues at hand. the hard part here is that the case had to have occurred in NYC.

if anyone can understand what i mean by that: are there any particular pete seeger songs that you think would be good for this?

please let me know what you think! any input is greatly appreciated. thanks!

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Carnegie Concert?

Name: Mary
Age: 29
Location: Dillwyn, VA
How you came upon Pete: I was raised with this sort of music.
Favorite song he performs: Very hard to say, but "Hard Rain" springs to mind.
Something else about your wonderful self: I love all kinds of folk music. Pete, of course. Arlo Guthrie. Leonard Cohen. Great Big Sea. You get the idea.

How sad that this little community is not more active! I have come here with a request, but with so few people, I'm probably just going to be disappointed. Anyway, here it is:

When I was younger, I had a copy of a video of Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie singing at Carnegie Hall in about 1980. It was probably taped from TV, and it is not the same concert as the one on the Together in Concert album, since that has a completely different set of songs. I used to watch this video all the time. About ten years ago, my mother loaned it to a friend, and it was never seen again. She does not even remember loaning it out. Does anyone know of this concert, or where I might find a copy of the video or recordings?
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Name: rifka (that really is my name)

Age: 41 in a month

Location: austin tx (but i'm a new yorker by birth and spirit!)

How you came upon Pete: my parents listened to him/were big fans of his since the 60's and i grew up listening to him, seeing him in concert, and going to nyack, ny when the clearwater docked and seeing him on the dock. i have a pic of him on the dock, circa early 70s and a pix of me next to him backstgage at a concert circa 1969/1970

Favorite song he performs: all the protest songs. actually i love his voice and will happily listen to anything he plays. :-)

Something else about your wonderful self: as my bio says- i have a 15 yo son, am poly, am bisexual, am a transgender activist and am bi-polar. i love to laugh and am, as a friend just said, "not quite right" but in a good way.

looking forward to meeting new people who obviously have great taste in music.
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for real this time

Hey guys! We're having a contest. Whomever makes the best ad banner by the end of May wins....They win a signed banjo by Pete and concert tickets and he'll perfrom at your mom's next birthday. Anyway just make some sweet banners and see if you can beat mine!.
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Hey everyone! New here and just wanted to know if anyone else is as excited as I am for the new Bruce Springsteen album 'WE SHALL OVERCOME: THE SEEGER SESSIONS'? It comes out on April 25 and it's a Pete Seeger tribute of sorts. Bruce put his own spin on Seeger favourites.

But yeah, anyone heard some of the songs? I heard some over and I like it so far. How about you?

great that this group is here!

(edit: colon added in album title)
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OK so I wanna do a contest this month to see who can come up with the best community promo. No specifications on size or text, but I mean, c'mon, make it petey. Entries must be submitted by February 28. Good luck!
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Pete Cop

OK I always tell everyone that every band cops something from Pete. Well this tops it. The last track on Zappelin 1 is called "how many more times" well about 4 minutes into the song, it changes paces. It basically becomes a new song. The lyrics are the same as the Pete song "kisses sweeter than wine". I know that Zeppelin has roots in folk and everything, but I found this really cool. Check it out, and post more copies under the subject Pete Cop.
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